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Dock Road * Victoria & Alfred Waterfront * Cape Town * South Africa    

Get close up and intimate.  Swim freely alongside ragged-tooth sharks, spotted gullies, turtles and rays.  Come face to face with a multitude of fishes. See the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, South Africa, from a fish eye view. The Aquarium offers a unique and exciting opportunity to all qualified scuba divers to dive in the Aquarium’s two main exhibits, the I&J Predator Exhibit and the Kelp Forest. The I&J Predator Exhibit, containing two million litres of water, is the largest in the Aquarium and is home to five ragged tooth sharks; a variety of rays; a loggerhead turtle; shoals of yellowtail, garrick (leervis)  and other fishes. Qualified divers are able to enter the display without the hindrance of a ‘cage’ and experience thrilling close encounters with the animals as they glide past. Diving in the Predator Exhibit is an adventure which one is not likely to forget in a hurry.  “The adrenaline starts flowing before you even enter the water. What makes this so incomparable with diving in the open sea is that you know the sharks are there and that you are going to see them and get close to them,” says one of the Aquarium divers. “You can actually see that they are scrutinizing your every move.” For those who are fearful of sharks, there is an equally thrilling dive opportunity in the Kelp Forest Exhibit. This display is the second largest and contains 800,000 litres of water.  It is one of the best kelp forests on display in the world and is typical of the west coast of South Africa.  Whilst divers will definitely see kelp off the coastline, they may not be so lucky to dive through shoals of fishes such as maasbankers and pilchards. The Kelp Forest Exhibit is home to these fishes as well as red roman, red stumpnose, galjoen (the national fish of South Africa) and white stumpnose amongst others. Qualified Advanced divers can feed the multitude of fishes in the Kelp Forest Exhibit.  The feed is extremely exciting as the fishes swarm around the diver, clamouring for food.  In October 2001 the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, South Africa became the first aquarium in the world to offer qualified recreational scuba divers the opportunity to experience a copper helmet dive.   Wearing an Imperial Navy Diving suit which comprises a copper helmet (weighing 18 kg), a bulky canvas suit, lead-weighted boots (which weigh 9 kg each) and weight-belt, qualified divers now have the opportunity to experience a moment in the history of diving in the I&J Predator Exhibit in the Aquarium.  The divers are lowered via a diving stage into the Exhibit where they ‘stroll’ amongst the five ragged tooth sharks, turtles, rays and shoals of fishes. Air is supplied from the surface via a rubber ‘umbilical’ cable and the divers are able to communicate with the supervisors. The response to the adventure diving initiative in the Two Oceans Aquarium has been phenomenal with thousands of divers from all over the world having taken the plunge. Booking is essential


Copper Helmet Diving is for Open Water 1 divers only. The diver will wear an Imperial Navy Diving suit which consists of a copper helmet (18kg), lead boots (9kg each), a canvas suit, and other lead weights. The total weight of the equipment is 60kg. Air is supplied from the surface through an umbilical cable. The diver will be able to talk to the supervisor on the surface. The diver will be lowered into the I&J Predator Exhibit on a platform. Bookings must be made at least two days in advance and are subject to availability. 

A non-refundable deposit of R450.00 is required to secure the booking. This will not be refunded upon cancellation. Dive times : 10h30, 12h30 and 14h30 daily (dives last approx. 20 minutes) (Divers must arrive 1 hour prior to their dive time). In the line with recognized diving practices, dives may not occur if divers are to fly less than 12 hours after dive time.

Kelp Diving is for Advanced divers only - feed the multitude of fish in the Kelp Forest Exhibit. A maximum of 2 divers per dive.  Bookings are essential. Dives are available at 10h00, 12h00 and 14h00 daily.


Copper Helmet Diving - R650.00

Kelp Diving - R300.00 : Divers Supplies own dive equipment.  R375.00 - Aquarium Supplies Dive Equipment.  R350.00 - Student uses Aquarium Equipment.  R275.00 - Student uses own equipment.



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