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Stormsriver Adventures is a professional adventure and activity company based in the heart of the Tsitsikamma Forest. Adventure activities take place from the adventure centre in the scenic little village of Stormsriver which is 75 km from Plettenberg Bay and 160 km from Port Elizabeth just off the N2.


Mountain Bike Trails

Numerous mountain bike trails exist in the Tsitsikamma Forest from 8 km to 22 km. The scenery is unequaled and includes farmlands, indigenous forests and magnificent coastal and mountain vista's. Quality mountain bikes are provided by Stormsriver Adventures.

The 65km Route includes two spectacular road passes. The first stop is Natures Valley and then on to the notorius Bloukrantz Pass for the second refreshment stop. The road route continues on to coldstream and then on to dirt track at the base of the Tsitsikamma Mountains. Stormsriver Village is the final phase with a fast downhill to the low water bridge situated in the heart of the Indigenous Forest. Guides and backup vehicles are provided.

Abseiling Stormsriver Gorge

Hit off your Garden Route adventure with a blast. The 35 metre abseil is ideal for all adventure seekers, irrespective of experience. The thrill ride starts with you trekking down via a rope ladder to our rig and rappelling your way down 35m of solid face. A bird's eye view of the gorge in all it's glory beckons to you while the Paul Sauer Bridge looms above the abseiler. No wait....the adventure continues as you descend into a kloof where a chain ladder makes for your ascent from the gorge where professionals are always on hand assisting. Known side effects - post abseil grin lasting at least seven days!!

Stormsriver Gorge Challenge

The Challenge starts with a spectacular 110 METER ABSEIL into the gorge...continues down the river in a TUBE through rapids and long black pool to the gorge exit point +- 2 hours down stream. A steep climb out using a "rope ladder" takes one through scenic indigenous forest to the mountain bike rendezvous and the first refreshment point. The breathtaking MOUNTAIN BIKE TRAIL meanders through the indigenous Tsitsikamma forest. The low water bridge is part of a short steep uphill into the pine plantations and the route traverses the gorge to the lookout point for the final phase back up the old Stormsriver pass and ends at the adventure centre. Prices include all equipment, backup vehicle, skilled SARA accredited guides, refreshments and lunch.

Eco Adventure Cruises

"SPIRIT OF TSITSIKAMMA" This spectacular cruise allows one to view the otherwise inaccessible Storms River gorge first hand and marvel at one of natures many wonders. The trip departs from the old jetty below the suspension bridge and runs every forty minutes. Huge caverns are interspersed on either side of the river, some which extend upwards of 20 meters providing a habitat for rare bat species.
Cascades of mini waterfalls add to the experience and feed the lush fern vegetation. Spectacular rock over hangs encapsulate the river making the gorge unique in every respect. The suspension bridge is silhouetted against the seascape denoting where river meets sea as one silently cruises back. On a calm day our skipper may venture beyond the turn around point below the suspension bridge taking you on a quick excursion into the bay. His watchful eye will always be on alert for that rogue wave which suddenly can appear staking its claim on the name "Storms River".

You are returned to the old jetty for disembarkation - "an experience you will never forget". The duration of the trip is 30 minutes. Sea trips are also run dependant on the weather and sea conditions.




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