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Kariega Schotia



Schotia is a privately owned and managed reserve, which has been owned by the Bean family since 1833. Schotia is the oldest, private, game viewing reserve in the Cape Province of South Africa and also the first reserve to have lions that can hunt for themselves. There are approximately 2 000 animals and over 40 species on the reserve. The wildlife introduction process started in 1982 and will continue until the reserve is fully stocked with a variety of animals which are suited to the habitat. The main objective at Schotia is to present a product to our guests which gives them an idea of what Africa used to look like before man arrived.  We believe that “man must fit in with nature and that animals should be self-sustaining”.

We also believe that “canned hunting” is equally as bad as “canned photography or viewing”. There are numerous antelope as well as Hippo, Lion, Crocodile, Rhino, Ostrich, Monkeys, Aardwolf, Aardvark, Wildebeest and Giraffe etc. Schotia is never closed and we try to make our guests as comfortable as possible with blankets, rain coats and roofs on vehicles.


1) Schotia Half Day

16h00 - 22h00. Afternoon / evening drive in an open Land Rover. A buffet dinner and all drinks are complimentary. Lions are nocturnal hunters and we can only guarantee sightings from sunset. This is the most popular drive at Schotia and we guide up to a max. of 100 guests per day during summer months. Most of our time is spent searching for lions on this drive and therefor we can not promise to find all of the other species. It is for this reason that we are starting a Schotia Full Day drive from the first of September 2003.

2) Addo / Schotia Full Day

First Half.

10h00 - 22h00. We will collect Guests from the Addo area or Port Elizabeth free of charge or Guests can self drive to the Addo Park by 11h00. The drive in Addo Park will be in an air conditioned vehicle and one will probably only see Elephants. Most of the roads will be closed in Addo during and after rain.

At 13h00 you will be transferred to Schotia HQ to settle accounts and then onto Schotia Private Game Reserve for lunch in the Lapa at 14h00.

Second Half.

After lunch your ranger will look for Giraffe, Rhino and the numerous antelope that abound on Schotia. After a tea / coffee break at 17h30 the most exciting part begins i.e.. Looking for the Lions. A buffet dinner is served at 20h00 and Guests usually depart by 22h00. Meals and drinks are complimentary and transfers are free of charge.

3) Bed and Breakfast

Accommodation at Schotia is in three “honeymoon” style rondavels. The rondavels are totally private and situated in the heart of the bush. The bathrooms are en-suit and have double bath, basin, shower and toilet. The bedrooms have double beds, fireplace, (with a real fire) and open onto a private veranda. The Schotia package was designed to give Guests an African Experience without “roughing it”. There is no electricity. The lamps will be lit for you in the evening and the rooms are serviced daily.

4) Sea Safari

08h00 - 15h00. A morning cruise (weather permitting) to the islands in Algoa Bay. The sea is the largest wilderness on earth and one that man knows very little about. Obviously sightings can not be guaranteed, but some trips are very rewarding with sightings of Dolphins, Whales, Sharks, Penguins, Seals and lots of sea birds. A sea food lunch as well as drinks are complimentary.


5) Addo Night Drive

17h00 - 22h00. A night drive in the Addo Park is probably the only place one could see Buffalo on any of the tours offered by Schotia. You will first be taken on an afternoon drive into the park, returning to the restaurant for dinner and then you will board an open vehicle for a night drive. Dinner and drinks are complimentary.

Transfers / Transport.

All transport on public roads is free of charge and transfers to other reserves has not been built into the price. In other words there will be no refund / discount for guests who do not make use of this service. All persons travelling with Schotia do so at their own risk. An indemnity must be signed by all guests before travelling with Schotia.


The prices (prices on request) and tours are subject to change at any time and Guests must please check the updated information when booking, before arrival and on arrival.


Take the N2 out of Port Elizabeth towards Grahamstown.  Halfway to Grahamstown, you must take the N10 (Cradock, Cookhouse, Paterson Road).

Look for the Board (Schotia Safaris) and turn left on to the Addo Gravel Road.

Turn Left ten metres onto the gravel road and report to the reception/headquarters. 



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