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DAY TRIPS :  The day trip includes breakfast and briefing at the lodge, after which we launch the boat at about 10 am.  We provide all the dive gear you need and we take a lunch pack with on the boat, thus everything is easy for you.  We generally return to harbour at around 15h00.  We have our own shuttle service, which will collect and drop you off at your hotel.  PRICE R1200.00

SHORT TRIPS :  We are very serious about Great White Sharks and thus recommend that you stay with the sharks and us for at least several days.  This will allow you to get really involved with the animals and thus get to know them.  The longer you stay with the Great White Sharks and us,  the more you take back with you. PRICE TAILOR MADE TO PACKAGE REQUESTED.

Scheduled Expeditions :  Most of the scheduled expeditions run by White Shark Projects,  are on behalf of the South African White Shark Research Institute, now known as the White Shark Conservation, Education and Exploration Society.  In the Society, we maintain an international membership program.  Members of the Society receive newsletters,  in which expedition dates are listed.  As a member of  you can then apply to join one of these ten-day expedition.  On these expeditions,  you dive with the sharks,  assist on the boat and land as part of the crew,  receive lectures and notes on the white shark, white shark research and conservation,  and you are taught how to work with and collect data on white sharks in the wild..  Other than learning extensively about the great white shark and how to do research on them,  you actually become part of the Shark Team crew, with the option of then coming back and assisting  as a volunteer. Craig Ferreira, is a recognized expert on the White Shark and joins all the expeditions, thus, you are able to learn directly from one of the pioneers in white  shark research and shark conservation. These expeditions run for ten days and includes the following:  Free transfers from Cape Town to the expedition site and back,  all transport while on the expedition,  all diving,  dive cylinders,  weight belts,  all the great meals we prepare,  accommodation in our beautiful lodge,  lectures,  educational material and an expedition shirt.  Last but not least,  a hell of a lot of fun and adventure. For the serious diver,  photographer and conservationist who enjoys good company,  loads of fun and has a spirit for adventure,  the WSRI-WSP expeditions are perfect! 

Water temperature is usually between 14 and 18 deg  Celsius, so a 5mm or 7 mm wetsuit is recommended.  We have full sets of diving equipment available. Water visibility is quite volatile in this area.  We have visibility ranging from two meters to forty meters.  Over the months November to March,  the visibility averages around 4 to 12 meters,  and over the months April to October the average visibility is 10 to 20 meters.

For white shark diving all you require is a wet suit,  booties,  gloves,  mask and hood.   We have equipment for hire should you not wish to bring your own equipment.  If you wish to hire equipment from us,  you should first email or fax us with your requirements so we can make sure that you will have everything you need.  


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