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Average Depth : 19 metres

Max. Depth : 22 metres

Features : 5 rocks of almost equal size. Famous for the over friendly family of Potato Bass. Mid waters are filled with baitfish and hunting game fish. The rocks are covered in soft corals that hide lionfish and sweepers. The overhangs hide octopus and cleaning stations manned by shrimps. The sandy areas are filled with carpet eels and various members of the ray family.


Average Depth : 29 metres

Max. Depth : 43 metres

Features : A deep reef famous for the Zambezi and hammerhead shark sightings. In addition, the big Potato bass patrol the waters, with formations of rays floating past. The corals are thick and hide eels and reef fish. Always a version of game fish in attendance. Often a strong current presides.


Average Depth : 7 metres

Max. Depth : 12 metres

Features : Situated only 500m from the launch site, a large reef with many overhangs and interesting coral formations. A small and beautiful cave is home to soft corals, sweepers and female pregnant Ragged Tooth sharks from November to February. Sightings have also included leopard sharks. Makes an excellent night dive.


Average Depth : 8 metres

Max. Depth : 10 metres

Features : Home to many Moorish Idols, the chosen fish of Ponta Mamoli, this reef is only 600m from the launch site. Juvenile and adult reef fish abound, as do octopus and the odd turtle. In the sand surrounds, various rays and even leopard sharks are sited. Many cleaning stations house shrimps and cleaner wrasse.


Average Depth : 16 metres

Max. Depth : 20 metres

Features : A long strip reef, excellent to dive on in a current. A feature of the reef is fishing trawler “log-line” than lies parallel to the reef. Small overhangs are filled with small reef fish, eels and soft corals. Game fish pass through the mid-water area.


Average Depth : 23 metres

Max. Depth : 30 metres

Features : Large boulders lying close together, covered in forests of bright green tree fern corals. Where the boulders touch the sand, soft corals, eels, sweepers, reef fish and shrimps move about. Schools of sweet lips and bream hide in the green trees, avoiding the attentions of hunting Potato Bass and other game fish.


Average Depth : 5 metres

Max. Depth : 10 metres

Features : The odd shaped coral rock is a fascinating piece of art as it looks just like a mushroom. Beautifully adorned crevices hide soft corals, eels, and schools of snappers and bait fish, small rays and sometimes even turtles. The mushroom is often covered with a school of big-eye kingfish. In calm seas, this is an amazing dive, and is perfect for snorkelling.


Average Depth : 10 metres

Max. Depth : 12 metres

Features : A feature of this reef is the endless coral garden that seems to go on forever. Sand patches in the middle of the garden provide the perfect spot for divers to adjust their buoyancy, before floating off for the rest of the dive. Small pinnacles and potholes hide eels, rays and many juvenile reef fish.


Average Depth : 13 metres

Max. Depth :18  metres

Features : The occasional sighting of the rare Regal angelfish gives this reef its name. The corals are plentiful and show off different hard and soft formations. Always plenty of fish present, this dive will keep divers interested time after time.


Average Depth : 17 metres

Max. Depth :  24 metres

Features : A favourite reef of the Ponta Mamoli divers. Two large amphitheatres, with 5m high walls, overhangs and potholes. Clinging to the walls are frogfish, leaf fish, Nudibranchs and eels. Soft corals hide small fish, whilst mid waters are filled with schooling fish, the odd turtle and the odd Manta Ray. 


Average Depth : 14 metres

Max. Depth : 22 metres

Features : A good dive in a current, as the coral fields seem endless, and there are fantastic stopping off places to explore. The traditional reef fish are always present, and there is always the chance of watching big pelagic fish moving overhead.


Average Depth : 5 metres

Max. Depth : 8 metres

Features : Another amazing shallow reef that goes on forever. Some have called this a hard coral production farm, as all the species in all the colours are prolific. Getting in close, you will find many octopus, shrimps manning their cleaning stations, juvenile fish darting in for protection and game fish lurking in the mid water areas. Great for snorkelling and diving.


Average Depth : 9 metres

Max. Depth : 14 metres

Features : A reef that proudly shows off what plate corals should look like. Layer upon layer in pristine condition. The corals are shrouded with schools of snappers and fusiliers, being watched by eels who peer out of their hiding places.


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