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Average Depth:      17 meters

Max. Depth : 26 meters

Features :   Four kilometres east of Rocky Bay, named after the Tiger Cowries which this reef is infamous for, Cowrie reef boasts an assortment of soft corals, sponges, plants and fish.   Razor fish, Natal Wrasse, tame shoal bat fish, Tiger Angels and of course  Tiger Cowries.  Situated 4 kilometers east of Rocky Bay, the reef on approx. 150 meters long and 40 meters wide.


Average Depth:      18 meters

Max Depth :           24 meters

Features : A large assortment of soft corals, sponges, plants, Fern Corals, razor fish, natal wrasse, large crayfish and  tiger angels are to be seen.  The reef, aptly named Fern Coral because of the abundance of Fern Coral inhabiting it, consists of a long ledge approx. 400 meters long and 20 meters wide. 


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