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Average Depth : 18 metres

Max. Depth : 23 metres

Features :   Named after the Faultline running parallel to the shore.  Features 2 very interesting caves with much to be seen.


Average Depth : 3 metres

Max. Depth : 6 metres

Features :  The spot where the world record  is held for the biggest shore entry dive.   Easy entry/exit and very sheltered.  Butterfly fish and crayfish are often seen.


Average Depth : 6 metres

Max. Depth : 7 metres

Features :  An easy shallow dive with tropical fish and limestone formations.


Average Depth :  5 metres

Max. Depth : 7 metres

Features :  The wreck of the Ovington Court that sunk in a gale force storm in 1940.  All that remains is the engine block and the boiler.  The site teams with fish and marine life.


Average Depth :  10 metres

Max. Depth : 18 metres

Features :   Tons of marine life to see but to take in the full effect don't forget your torch.


Depth  :  9 metres

Features : Gullies and caves which make a very interesting dive.   Main features are the blowholes. Ropes have been put in place in the interiors of the caves for divers not familiar with the reef.


Average Depth : 22 metres

Max. Depth : 33 metres

Features :   The wreck was named after the Cooper Lighthouse and the original name has never been established.  Beware of stinging hybroids.  Plenty of colourful tropical fish.


Average Depth :  25 metres

Max. Depth : 30 metres

Features : Boulders and anchor chain around the pinnacles.  Sharks are prominent in this area as this is  their feeding grounds and rock cod can be spotted.


Average Depth :  15 metres

Max. Depth : 22 metres

Features :  Consistent dive site because of depth - best dived after a S.W followed by a N.E wind (typical winter conditions) The reef starts in large cave (seen as a drop off from 15 to 22m on the fish finder..) then moves into a series of caves and gullies. Interesting Finds are Tiger Angel Fish , 2 Frogfish and Paperfish on reef off the fence, Emperator, Coris, Potatoe Bass, lots of Game Fish, and some lovely Semi's. The area also facilitates diving/snorkelling with dolphins and sharks during the Sardine Season.


Max Depth : 23 metres

Features : Relatively new wreck in terms of discovery. The wreck lies at 23m facing N to South directly off the harbour mouth. Wreck appears to be a tug of some sort looking at the stern and bow as well as the lines of the the boat..

It is fairly intact although silting of the floor has meant that the ship is not that well exposed. Fish life - group of pine apple fish on the bow behind the ships anchor, cleaner shrimp , morays , crayfish , bait fish cloud the top of the wreck, daga salmon and a resident brindel bass.. There are rays most times out on the sand surrounding the wreck. The wreck is quite small but the more you look around, the more things you seem to find scorpion fish, a variety of colored paper fish , different variety of goldie - (still waiting to ID it  from Smith book). If conditions allow there seems to be more of the wreckage further N.E of the wreck going by the fish finder. Enjoyable dive but possibly not for someone that wants to dive a large structure eg produce. The mystery of what the ship could be and how it landed at the bottom of the sea is part of the excitement of this dive. Looking at the bow, it appears that some sort of collision could have been the cause due to the "bend" on the port side.


Average Depth :  1 metre

Max. Depth : 7 metres

Features : About 25m long, hull in tact 1m to 7m - fun dive. This lies at the entrance to Vetch's harbour to the V.P. - any diver swimming their is likely to get run over.  Generally anchor the boat as a marker buoy so would not recommend snorkelling on it.  Resident lionfish, clean water and shallow depth makes for an excellent photographic spot . 


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