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Average Depth : 6 metres

Max. Depth : 8 metres

Features :  An easily accessible dive mainly used by spearos with sand gullies and marine life.  Surge can be a bit strong.


Average Depth : 4 metres

Max. Depth : 6 metres

Features :   Aptly named the Dolosse due to dolosse against the harbour wall creating an artificial reef.  It teams with marine life and much is to be seen.


Average Depth : 3 metres

Max. Depth : 27 metres

Features : A spectacular reef for the Advanced diver. Drop offs from 3m to 20m.  Strong currents and a blinder pinnacle make it not your average dive! Situated at Cape St.Blaize and accessible by boat only. Caves, gulleys, large fish, sharks, and seals. Exquisite colour abounds on the rocks and in the crevices, so don’t forget your torch.


Average Depth : 8 metres

Max. Depth : 15 metres

Features :  Mainly a spearfishing point with lots of sharks and very vast.  The pinnacle is prominent but the most memorable are the caves with their interesting formations and abundant life on the reef.


Average Depth :  6 metres

Max. Depth : 8 metres

Features : The swim from Bakke Beach is further than you think and a boat entry will enable you to discover the deeper side of the reef without running low on air! Orange sponges up to 3m in length, 2 resident rock cod and large red romans can be found. Spearos should not hunt on this reef, as the fish are tame. An excellent site for Spearos seeking game fish is at Roman Bank & Shallow Point.


Average Depth : 3 metres

Max. Depth : 12 metres

Features : Can be dived from the shore in calm conditions only, as entry/exit off rocks requires skill if you want to save your wetsuit! Be aware of anglers in this area.


Average Depth : 3 metres

Max. Depth : 10 metres

Features : Mostly visited by Spearos, this reef is accessible from the shore. Entry is between Beacon Point and Historical Bungalows.


Average Depth : 3 Metres

Max. Depth :  8 Metres

Features :  Entry is at the municipal slipway.  During summer months, a variety of tropical fish, which are brought in by the warm Aghulus current, can be seen. Large sea fans, yellow sponges and large, colourful anemones are found in the protected waters amongst the “Dollosse” (concrete structures that are placed to strengthen the harbour wall). Divers should at all times be aware of ski-boats using the Municipal  & Yacht Club slipways.


Average Depth : 6 metres

Max. Depth : 11 metres

Features : Located on the left side of Bakke swimming beach. This is a low profile reef, mostly consisting of small redbait pods & oysters. A challenging surf entry at high tide.


Average Depth : 2

Max. Depth : 6

Features : The “Santos” was wrecked in 1874. The ship was carrying furs & timber when it ran aground during a gale force South Easterly wind. The wreck is mostly covered with sand. However, the mast, anchor and chain are still visible.


Average Depth : 2 metres

Max. Depth : 7 metres

Features : This reef forms the Western border of Mossel Bay’s main swimming beach. A 400m walk from the dive shop, followed by an easy shore entry, leads to a beautiful garden of feather worms, sea fans, redbait, octopus and abundant schools of blacktail. On the edge of the reef, “Sanddollars” can be found. Please do not remove the live shells: we are only visitors in their world, their ocean is our responsibility.


Max. Depth : 22 metres

Features : This scattered, but beautiful reef, with large sponges that are visited regularly by red roman’s, is lying in 22m of water. This is a superb dive for the advanced diver who appreciates the macroscopic life on reefs. This reef is only accessible by boat, as it is also situated at Cape St. Blaize.


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