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African Odyssea was founded by Trevor Krull who has been leading dives on Protea Banks for 13 years, which means when diving with us you have a wealth of experience and local knowledge behind you. This is invaluable on an advanced dive site such as Protea Banks. Additionally with 23 year’s operational surf launching experience and a 100% safety record you can rest assured you are in good hands. We provide guided dive/safari tours which focus on Protea Banks and Southern Mozambique as the main dive destinations, based on extensive personal experience we believe these areas provide our guest’s with the finest diving that Southern Africa has to offer, our flexible itineraries allow you to personalize your tour to suite your needs and criteria. Casual day divers are more than welcome to dive with us at anytime.


Our established dive centre is based a few minutes walk from the Protea Banks launch site and provides a host of dive related services including; gear hire, Nitrox/Air fills, Scuba training, specialty courses and accommodation.


Protea Banks is an advanced dive with strong currents and is not for the faint hearted. It has gained a reputation as one of the world's top shark dives with Zambezi (Bull Shark), Tiger, Hammerhead, Blacktip, Ragged-Tooth, Bronze Whaler and occasionally Thresher, Mako and if you are lucky the Great White.

The Northern Pinnacles - Depth: 30 - 50m
This is an ideal area for Nitrox diving & has magnificent topography with lots of reef fish, including huge Potato Bass. It has 2 large cave systems that attract many Ragged-tooth sharks during mating season.

The Southern Pinnacles - Depth: 26 - 30m
This area is the home of the Zambezi shark and from October to May some very large specimens may be seen. Scalloped Hammerheads are also shoaling at this time. The main game fish concentrations take place here during the summer months and on days when a cold thermo cline occurs it is not uncommon to see "wall to wall" Kingfish, Yellowtail, Tropical Yellowtail, Sea Pike, Kaapap & Tunny. The best months to see large Tiger sharks are April & May.



Pristine endless beaches offer numerous diving sites like Bass City, Texas Reef and of course The Pinnacles, a deep reef attracting Zambezi's (Bull Sharks), Hammerheads, Silvertips and Tiger Sharks with thousands of large game fish. This is also a good area to spot Whale sharks and has a resident pod of Bottlenose Dolphins for dolphin lovers. Nearby lies a tropical diving paradise with more than 15 dive sites from very shallow to deep far offshore reefs. Pinnacles covered in green coral trees, large friendly Potato Bass, Leopard Sharks, White tip Sharks & Grey Reef Sharks add to the attraction. This is Manta Ray territory and year round sightings of these harmless giants is almost guaranteed.

Game Viewing

In Eastern Swaziland lies the largest protected area of the country, The Hlane Royal National Park. Home to the largest herds of game in Swaziland and dominated by ancient hardwood vegetation Hlane is home to lion, elephant, leopard, white rhino and an abundant variety of birds. A couple of nights stay in this unique reserve can be incorporated into your diving trip allowing you to experience all the wildlife Africa has to offer. African Odyssea is committed to delivering a truly exciting African adventure and maintaining our 100% safety record is paramount. We’ve got the experience where it counts!



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