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The website www.divesouthafrica.com evolved out of the thought of how nice it would be to be able to go to one website that would contain all the information you would need to be able to plan your diving holiday in or to South Africa.  It was a good thought that has now become a reality developed by Terri Goss over a two year period of doing extensive Research and Marketing abroad and within South Africa.  Terri and her husband Wayne are both keen divers and lived abroad for 8 years in which they did extensive travelling and diving.  This has given them the opportunity to develop good relationships with the international and South African Diving Community, which in turned has heightened their awareness of how under-marketed South Africa is as a diving holiday destination.


Hence Dive South Africa was born.



Simply use our Interactive Maps to scout your way around the website or alternatively use the links for specified searches.  We have designed the site with the purpose  to be user friendly to all. 

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